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Abstract Digital Painting For Living Room


“Light The Rose” artwork has a scale of 7×4.

High quality digital file: 19USD/unit used, 190USD/unlimited units used

Printed canvas 70x40cm: 69USD/unit. A larger scale, please contact us!

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Topic: Light The Rose

War always brings people to the end of pain and suffering. Death, destruction, hunger, cold, poverty, backwardness, and hatred are the things that war leaves behind. But that unwanted thing still exists every day, every hour to spread pain to humanity. I pray for peace for everyone in the world. I want to “light the rose” of love and peace.

  • I used the grays and infinite shadows to describe the bleak future left behind by war.
  • The fires symbolize destruction and death.
  • The iron door frames represent the tormented prison.
  • Many houses, ruined buildings, and even images of children crying to show the crimes of war.
  • In contrast, the appearance of the rose symbolizes love and peace. The rose is on fire, but it’s still shining and brightening. It is like a prayer of mine: I pray for love and peace for all mankind. I want to “light the rose” so that war is only a matter of history.

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Digital file, 70x40cm


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