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Child’s Dream


Topic: Child’s Dream
Ideation: Xuan Thinh

High quality digital file, scale: 3×2: 19USD/unit used, 190USD/unlimited units used (10 orders)

Printed Canvas 90cmx40cm: 69USD/unit. A larger scale is as your request.

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When I was a child, every evening, my mother used to use fairy tales to plant a sweet fairy scene in my dreams.

One morning, when waking up, my little boy whispered to me about his sleep last night. Dreams of a distant planet, of so many glittering constellations, of an endless solar system, and a spaceship flying forever into vast space.

The dream of the child is beautiful and bright like the fairy dream of my childhood in the past. Clear dreams have helped to grow many souls.

To create this artwork:

  • I sketch a vast space with lots of small planets.
  • Use thin brush strokes to create the shape of the spaceship.
  • I used subtle splashes of color combined with light to complete the shape of the spaceship. All help the spaceship that I draw really clear, close to the simple, innocent imagination of children.
  • I added the image of a little boy with soft light streaking to complete the digital art (painting style) of “The Child’s Dream”.

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Horizontal size

Digital file, 90x40cm


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