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Spring Butterfly


Topic: Spring Butterfly.  Ideation: Xuan Thinh. Ratio: 3×2.

  • High quality digital file: 19USD/unit used, 190USD/unlimited united used (10 orders)
  • Printed canvas 90x60cm: 79USD/unit. A larger scale is as your request.
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Last night I dreamed that I turned into a beautiful shimmering butterfly. My butterfly is dreaming of a wonderland. Where only flowers bloom in four seasons. Golden sunshine and blue clouds. Where there is only love and happiness forever for the butterfly.

  • I sketched a beautiful butterfly image as Spring.
  • Use bright colors to represent the shimmering wonderland.
  • Sketch the truly illusory, abstract, vast, and deep fairy valley by drawing a lot of small details that combine the interweaving of bright color streaks.

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Digital file, 90x60cm


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